Man or Machine?

I started quite, my volume low. More like a soothing background noise. Time passes and my levels are adjusted. Getting louder I begin to take more of your focus.

Intermittently I become too much and you leave the room to get some peace.

You return to my side, my presence becomes stronger and stronger. I can see that it is too much for you, no matter how hard I try.. I can’t possibly tone it down…. you reach over to hit pause.

“This can’t be happening…again” I mumble stupidly. I brace myself and prepare to shut down…nothing….

You try again…nothing… my buttons must be broken! “Quickly, I need to fix myself before he pulls the plug” thinking frantically to myself.

I take a look inside, everything is working perfectly. “but why didn’t I stop on your request?”

You treat me like a machine when I am flesh, when I am beautiful, when I am forever moving…your control no longer serves me…


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